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Be ready to go by 10 AM with the following:

  1. A quiet place with good cell reception

  2. A charged cell phone on "loud" (not vibrate or silent) - headphones optional

  3. JWM Team Member One-Stop-Shop webpage open and accessible

  4. Dashboard open and accessible

  5. Tuned in to the radio station (99.5 KKLA -radio or app)


Keep the following in mind:

  1. Answer calls ASAP during the 10 - 10:45 AM shift (one ring for you, may actually be 3 rings for them)

  2. Be sure you are focused and not multi-tasking (driving, washing dishes, etc.)

  3. Once the segment is over, if you are still waiting for calls, please use that time to pray until the end of the shift (10:45 AM)



Be warm and engaging. Practice smiling when on the phone, it goes a long way!


Be mindful of the timing. A typical call should take between 3 - 5 minutes. We don't want to keep others waiting.


Be intentional to talk about what we are offering. Don't bring up subjects they are not asking about, even concerning our ministry.


  1. Introduce Yourself:
    "Hello, my name is _____, with Jesus' Way. With whom do I have the pleasure of speaking with?"

  2. Ask Why They Are Calling:
    "What motivated you to pick up the phone and call us today?" Answer questions if applicable*

  3. Offer Them Resources:
    "Are you interested in Jesus' Gifts materials to start a group study or house church? We can email you a link to those resources, or if you'd prefer the books we can mail you 5 books for a donation of any amount."

  4. Walk Them Through Next Steps If Applicable:
    Downloadable Resources Link (be prepared to collect information & submit form for them)
    Booklets Link (be prepared to collect information & submit form for them)

  5. Thank Them for Their Time:
    "Thank you so much for calling in. It was a pleasure speaking with you. Please feel free to give us a call back any time if there is anything else we can do for you."


If someone has an urgent need for prayer, pray with them. But if you come across anyone who has questions or concerns beyond what we are answering calls about, or if they are disgruntled, then take their information and let them know that someone will contact them.

  1. Prayer Need:
    "Thank you for sharing. Would you mind if I prayed for you right now?"

  2. Question:
    "Thank you for that great question. I would love to have someone contact you about that if you would be willing to give me your name and contact information."

    If so, please email to

  3. Concern/Disgruntled:
    "I understand where you are coming from... would you like me to have someone contact you about this?"

    If so, collect information and email to


To View the Zoom Training Video

Tracking Calls on your Portal:




Click on "Call Analytics" on the left-hand column

Click on "By Forwarding Number" 

Click on Your Phone Number


Click on the Phone Number in the "contact" column


Input the person's Name and Notes, and press SAVE
*you can play back the recording as reference to the call*

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