Here you will find training material, manuals, FAQs and more to equip you for a successful house church. Contact your coach if you have any questions

Welcome To House Church 101

God has called you to be part of discipling every city, neighborhood and culture! Now learn the ins and outs of having a House Church through these training materials.


Getting Started 

Be sure to go through these introductory training materials to catch the heart of House Churches

The Heart of House Church 

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How to Lead a Service 

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How to Host Successfully 

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Training Materials 

A collection of how-to videos, transcripts & documents to answer any questions that may come up

Ministering To All Ages 

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Pastoral Health 

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Tithes & Offering 

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The Power of Worship 

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Weekly Resources

Updated resources that you need weekly to hold your House Church


Various forms that are needed when there are additions or changes to your House Church

Use this form to submit any new members and visitors that attend your HC

Use this form to submit any changes in personal information for you and any of your house church members only.  Please only fill out the information that is changing.

Use this form to submit any changes to your house church only. (EX: Start time, End time, Address and City.)  Please only fill out the information that is changing.

Use this form to request invitation cards for your house church. Once form is submitted, you will be contacted regarding pick up or shipping of invite cards.