House Church Leader



What is a House Church?

It is a gathering of believers in homes, businesses, or just about anywhere who are committed to meeting regularly as a church for the purposes of growing spiritually, serving each other, and supporting one another to carry out the Great Commission. Thank you for partnering alongside us in order to carry out that call!

the three asks

HC Weekly Report Form

We ask that after each gathering, you fill out this quick attendance form.


We ask that you would consider partnering with us, to continue to advance the ministry of House Churches.

Abiding by HCL Guidelines

We ask that each of our House Church Leaders abide by our "HCL Guidelines"

As a House Church Leader, we ask you to consider 3 things in order to help us serve you well:

stay Connected

This Week's Leadership Encouragement


Contact Us

If you would like some coaching, or simply have any questions,

mark your Calendars

HCL Monthy Meeting

Our monthly House Church Leader Meetings are the first Tuesday of every month, at 6 PM (Pacific Time) via Zoom.They are designed to share testimonies, fellowship, touch on important topics, pray, and encourage one another!

Exclusive Trainings

Description goes here :)

Upcoming Events

This will be updated as events come up!

Our House Church Christmas Gathering is on _____ at ____pm, located on our Anaheim Campus! We hope to see you there!

additional resources for you

Training and Equipping

We want you, as a House Church Leader, to be equipped and resourced in order to start, lead, and nurture your House Church!
BFAM Training Center

As a HCL, you receive ONE BFAM TC class, free of charge. These classes are intended to grow, develop, and equip you for the calling God has on your life.

How to Start a House Church

Are you interested in starting a house church, but have no idea where to start? Click below to learn how to launch your own house church.

Why Become a House Church

Click below to learn the heart behind House Churches, what a gathering looks like, and the part you can play!

Group Study Materials

We have group studies/trainings available for you and your group! Discover how to be the disciples, disciple-makers, and church planters that Jesus calls each of us to be. You can get these resources digitally for free or purchase the books.
Jesus' Church

This seven-week group study will revolutionize your thinking and take you and your friends confidently into Jesus' plan for His church.

Jesus' Gifts

This six-week group study will release and activate you-and your friends-in the gifts and callings Jesus has put inside you!

Jesus' Commission + Jesus' Disciple

Journey into this 5-session Discipleship Training with a group to dig into, discuss, and be challenged as God grows YOU into a disciple-maker.

Gathering Elements

We have resources available to help enhance and strengthen your House Church gatherings. From Worship Leading to discipling the Next Generation, we have a wide variety of materials available for you!

Do you wish to grow in worship in your gatherings? We provide access to a variety of musical lessons, songbooks, webinars, and more.

Weekend Service Teaching Notes

As a House Church Leader, you receive access to our Weekend Service Speaker's teaching notes! You can view these to help you lead in your gathering.

Tithes & Offerings

Are you not sure what to say in the tithe & offering portion of your gathering? We have an outline for you!


House Churches are baptizing more believers than ever before! Click below to access the materials you can use to baptize members of your house church.