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Frequently Asked Questions

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House Church

What is a House Church?

A House Church is a group of people who meet in homes or other places outside the geographic location of The Rock church and it's various campuses. They meet weekly and do not belong to a local church, but are instead a “house church” of The Rock.

What is the difference between a Solid Lives House Church and a Rock House Church?

What is expected of a House Church Leader?

  • Stream services of our Anaheim Campus and participate fully
  • Engage in Tithes and Offering via our online systems
  • Lead OSL Discipleship and Rock Groups throughout the week to build solid lives and a solid community of believers

What are the benefits of becoming a Certified House Church?

  • Live weekly meetings
  • Coaches (stronger partnership & accountability)
  • Administrative support to help you lead your house church

What if someone wants to become a Certified House Church Leader but does not want to be contacted (because they are not ready to open their home to others at the moment)?

We will not publish their contact information or address, but they will need to graciously and honestly explain their situation to whomever contacts them. We shouldn’t get involved in trying to deter people any further. I am committed to keep their name on the webpage so that people will know who is, and who is not, certified… Keep in mind that we do want to open up our House Churches, but we understand that right now are some sensitive times.


What if a Certified HCL is in the process of moving?

Don’t list any location yet. Once you move to your new location then get listed. & We don’t shut down a HC because a leader is moving, we try to develop people to be available to multiply and start their own HC’s

If a HCL does not know who is able to do their Pastoral Reference?

Is there anyone that you know in the leadership of that church that could speak into… have you done anything at that church… Ron or Carl would talk to that person to see what we could do. Let’s talk about it… we would still find a way to meet that requirement in some other way.


How soon should a HCL meet with their HC after being Certified?

It is true that we would like people to begin within a month of certification, however, there is so many circumstances these days that complicate things, let’s just make the one month deadline a suggestion at this point…. Within a month. (Even if it is restricted temporarily)

During this coronavirus crisis, do we mandate facemasks to be worn?

Right now it is up to the HCL, depending on how they feel comfortable in their home & be sure to set the expectation when inviting others to your HC

Will House Church Leaders stream videos of Pastor Jerry?

  • Yes. House Church Leaders will logon for the entirety of the service, from beginning, through worship, giving and the Word to the end.
  • There are two options.
    • #1 – logon to a livestreaming service at www.gototherock.com/watch
    • #2 -

Do I have to meet on Sunday?

  • Not necessarily. Two items for clarity:
    • If you are not livestreaming, you will need to watch an archived service or use one of the 5 DVD’s (or downloadable videos).
    • Recall that an RHS Leader is not a member of another local church.

What about Kids? What should I do if I am interested in having Next Gen ages separated from their parents during service so they can receive a service tailored to their own age group?

  • Refer them to the agreement, the other 2 have to go through the whole 7 Step process AND they need to be trained with Kids
  • The Training used to be provided by Kids Church, but with the Campus being closed we are trying to figure out how we will do this
  • Understanding the necessity of protecting minors, I agree that my House Church will not provide childcare, nor separate minors from their parents/guardians, until I have two or more people who have been trained and certified by The Rock to do so, and not unless two or more Rock-certified adults are present with the minors at all times.

Should I provide refreshments (i.e. coffee, donuts or other snacks)?

It is recommended but not required. Some RHS sites have a rotation among members who will bring refreshments

What if my Internet is down or I have some other technical issue?

  • In the event of internet outages, it is recommended that you utilize one of the 5 DVD’s (or downloadable video files) of other services
  • In the event of internet failure, please contact your local internet provider

Do I have to do this every Sunday?

  • Just like any other church, on-going ministry is part of the ministry. When holidays fall on Sundays, you may discuss with your group whether or not to have a service, for instance during Christmas Day should it fall on a Sunday.

  • Know that at The Rock | Anaheim streaming services will be available for special services such as Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and on Christmas Day should it fall on a Sunday.


Who is the Senior Pastor of House Churches?

Pastor Jerry Dirmann

As Rock House Church Leader, am I part of a leadership team of The Rock?

Yes you are! You are a valued part of a team of shepherds overseeing the flock of God.

Will we make Pastoral Care SOP’s available?

That’s a great idea!... Yes we will make Pastoral Care SOP’s available on a webpage. (including baptisms, greeting, etc.)

Am I a pastor?  What do I call myself?

  • Your role description is House Church Leader. In our denomination, The International Church of the Foursquare Gospel, holding the title “pastor” requires a licensing process.
  • While you are engaged in “pastoral” activities, only after receiving a ministerial license are you able to be recognized officially as a pastor.

If I have a question about my House Church, whom do I contact?

Every House Church leader will be assigned a Coach. The overwhelming majority of Coaches are volunteers, but are deeply committed to the House Church’s success and your development and success as a leader. Once you become Certified, you will receive your House Church Coach’s contact information. Phone calls and texts should be returned within 12-18 hours; emails within 24-48 hours.

I need counsel on how to help someone in my House Church site?  Whom can I call to help me?

Your assigned House Church Coach is your primary resource

What is Foursquare?  Are House Churches Foursquare, too?

  • The Rock is a denominationally affiliated with The International Church of the Foursquare Gospel. More information can be obtained here: www.foursquare.org
  • As all House Churches of The Rock, all RHS sites are also Foursquare.


Are there any leadership teachings needed to be an RHS Leader?

Yes. After you complete the First Step (Lead a Level 1 OSL Class in your home) you will be given access to our online training as well as instructions.

Will there be other training opportunities to develop myself as a leader and my RHS site?

    • Yes. On-going training and enrichment will be provided for you as a leader as well as for the RHS site.


What is The Rock’s Discipleship System?

Operation Solid Lives is The Rock’s premier, world-renowned discipleship system. All RHS Leaders are required to complete Level 2 either at a Rock Campus, OSL Partner church or at oslonline.com

Can I do OSL at our RHS site?

Yes! In fact, we ask that each site conduct at least 1 OSL class annually as a mid-week, small group study.


Can House Churches keep or receive any of the tithes & offerings that they receive?

All of the HC giving goes into the Anaheim Central General Fund. The General Fund can be used for any Rock purpose. This is not limited to ____. We are looking at returning part of the HC funds back to the HC, but we are currently looking into how much that would be, as it has not been decided yet. We ask all HC’s to bear with us as we figure this out. We also would like to remind you that Rock HC’s are not independent HC’s…

How do we handle cash tithes?

Look at what we say in our offering blurb, get it from Zack, we need written instructions to include Push Pay (2), in person, mail in, online (Pastor Caleb is working on this)… if someone bring in cash we give them the instructions for other… we can have this document downloadable on the website, but we will email it to everyone directly with their onboarding giving keyword email. Another separate document with the options for congregations. PDF attachment.

How is our time of giving handled?

  • As the streamed service transitions to a time of giving, the online audience is given instructions. Your Rock Home Satellites participates in giving in three ways:
    • Pre-ordered self-addressed envelopes from The Rock can be given to the members of an RHS. It is recommended that members mail their own individual contributions.
    • Give at gototherock.com/give
    • SecureGive online app
  • For your protection, no RHS Leader receives cash, checks, money orders or any other legal tender.


Are we required to record attendance?

  • Yes. You will be entering attendance at every meeting, Sundays and midweeks alike.
  • You will be trained during the course of your second and third steps.


We aren’t “spirit-filled” (charismatic/Pentecostal). Can we still be an RHS?

  • A leader must affirm that they believe that the baptism with the Holy Spirit as in Acts 2, the manifestations of the Spirit described in 1 Corinthians 12, and the practice of speaking with tongues as in Acts 2 and 1 Corinthians 14:18, are still in effect today and that God desires every believer to be filled with the Spirit and experience these blessings.


It is required that each RHS site maintain home owners or renter’s insurance in order to give the leader sufficient legal coverage in the event of personal injury while on your property.