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We're so glad you're here. Welcome to our online community, which continues to grow and thrive! Because community is of the utmost importance, here are ways you can stay connected during this season of being "sheltered in".


As we continue gathering online, joining us on the following days on the following locations:


Saturday | 4 PM & 6 PM 

Sunday | 7 AM, 9 AM, 11:15 AM, 2 PM, 4 PM, 6 PM


Monday - Saturday

7 AM | Morning Word

7:20 AM | Morning Message

7:35 AM | Morning Prayer


With weekend services online only for now, there is something for everyone including the kids from The Rock. We've got age-specific worship and teaching materials for your kids!

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Our focus in J12 is reaching a generation before they need to be rescued. Through our daily reading and journaling about what they read from God's word each day, our students are able to connect with a real God that has an amazing plan for their lives. We desire for every child that comes through J12 to echo the words of Jesus at Twelve, "I must be about My Father's business."


Throughout the week, students are strengthened by following our Bible reading plan and accessing our YouTube channel.

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We love our Jr. High students, and so throughout the week, we provide numerous ways for our Jr. High students to grow in God's word and to remain connected!

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Because our students are sold out to Jesus, our high school students are Jesus Followers. Throughout the week, our students are encouraged to not only read their Bibles daily, and journaling what they sense God saying to them, but we've also provided avenues of virtual connection, to keep the momentum going of what God is doing in their lives!

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Through this season of social distancing, our Young Adults--Beyond--make it a point for you to connect, even virtually! Not only do our Young Adults (ages 18 - 29) provide a LIVE inspiring message during their online experience via Instagram LIVE, but they've got YARG (Young Adult Rock Groups) via Zoom, going on almost every day of the week. Ready to dive into Beyond?

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A community founded on "Seeking first the Kingdom of God and His Righteousness," our ministry sets out to pursue God first above all else. Because we personally live out the importance of two-being-better-than-one, we strengthen each other in community. To assist in maintaining that community, while remaining walking out purpose during this time, we are offering virtual weekly, LIVE opportunities to share, pray and strengthen each other, especially through times like these.

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God wants every marriage to thrive, not just survive. We couldn't agree more. To keep marriages strong, we wanted to provide resources that will keep your marriage built on a solid rock--Jesus. To assist with this, we have a couple of virtual opportunities - one that is LIVE and one now available online through video.

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Though our services are now online, and we've launched our 7AM Dailies (Mon. - Sat.) via Livestream and Facebook Live , we want to provide additional ways that adult Believers can continue to stay connected through our world-wide discipleship program--Operation Solid Lives (OSL), online classes offered via Zoom, our YouTube channel and more!

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Because having faith that moves mountains is key to victorious living and keeping His promises and vision before you––even when you can’t see it––here you will find teachings from our annual Rock Conference, teachings that are sure to build your faith to believing God for the impossible, as well as books and resources from Solid Lives Ministries.

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