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Arena Database - 3 Lessons

Logging In

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The Transcript

Hello. Welcome to your Arena Quickstart Guide. In this video, you will learn how to access the Arena website, log into Arena, and change your password. In the email you received, you will find a link to the Arena web page; click this link.


Once here, be sure to bookmark or save this webpage in your favorites for a quick and easy return.

Also in your email, you received your Arena username and a temporary password that will need to be changed when you log in for the first time. Let’s log in.

On this first line, you will type in your Arena username. Your Arena username is your first and last name together, with the first letter of your first name Capitalized, and the first letter of your last name Capitalized; on the second line, type in your Arena temporary password. Now you are ready to sign in. Click the Sign In button.

On this page you will need to create your new password. Be sure to include one Capital letter and one number when creating your new password. Also, be sure to write it down so that you don’t forget. Create your new password here, confirm it on the second line, and click Change Password.

Welcome to your Arena home page. In the upper right hand corner, you also have the option to log out.

Great Job!