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Arena Database - 3 Lessons

Your House Church Page

The Transcript

Hello. Welcome to your Arena Quickstart Guide. In this video, you will learn how to access your Arena House Church

Page from your Arena Home Page. Now that you have logged into Arena, and are at your Home Page, you will see

Subscribed Groups to the right hand side of your screen. You have already been subscribed to your Arena House Church

Page. Click the link to your House Church Page.

Welcome to your House Church Page! Here you will see your House Church details, including:

  • Meeting Day and Start Time

  • Group Members

  • Occurrences; which is where you will take attendance

  • Attendance Summary; which will summarize your attendees over time

  • And, your House Church Roster; which is a list of your House Church members

At this time, only House Church Leaders have been entered into the roster. To go back to your Arena Home Page, simply

click Home at the top of your screen.

Great Job!